Testimonies from Renaissance: The Joy of Discovery

[box type=”bio”]I would like to strongly affirm, encourage, and challenge you to attend the next Renaissance: Joy of Discovery Conference in 2012. I have had the privilege and pleasure of being involved in many wonderful conferences around the world and Renaissance is one of my personal favorites. Please prayerfully consider attending Renaissance in 2012 and you will be eternally grateful for it.

-Senior Pastor Stephen Anthony Laudise, Hope Chapel Kailua and President and Founder of Music Missions International[/box]

[box type=”bio”]This conference was the perfect example of God’s hand at work.  The closer we get to the Father the more we know He’s not just the creator but loves to create. One of the ways He chooses to create is through us His children.  We have been given the mind of Christ -meaning our ability to create comes from His mind to ours.  This was a life changing conference full of hands on ways to express the Father’s creativity. I believe that through the arts the Lord is releasing a power by His spirit thats touching people and causing them to be encountered at the very core of their being whether they are doing the art or even just looking at it.  I also believe that we were born to be colorful, joyful, creative and expressive beings, made in the image of a God who is the author of all creativity.

Kainoa & Danielle Iranon, Pastors Hawaii’s Church of Aloha[/box]

[box type=”bio”]Renaissance is a place to experience God and His very real presence and power. It’s also an opportunity to be empowered to express the messages of our hearts in unique and dynamic ways.

I have been privileged to have attended the last two Renaissance Weekends and had my creative nature activated and engaged. In fact Renaissance has changed the way I communicate with people. More and more I am bringing more Renaissance into my daily life and yet, I can’t wait until we all come together again for the next Renaissance Weekend. Hope to see you there!

-Arlen Nagata, Owner/Designer ArlenNagata.com[/box]

[box type=”bio”]Too many Christians have buried their God-given talents. The body of Christ is capable of so many great works of beauty! I believe the Renaissance Conference will release a surge of Spirit-inspired creativity in the church of Hawaii! Thank you so much for convening this much-needed gathering of warriors, artists, rabble-rousers, and joy-mongers!

-Senior Pastor Joel Elies, Hope 968[/box]

Here are some comments from attendees:

  • The design of the whole conference showed or conveyed the value of creativity.  Every brother and sister showed compassion.  Thank you so much for hosting us!  Thank you so much for your efforts!  God bless you and your ministry!
  • Really taught me how to listen to God in different ways.  And to use my gifts to glorify God.  And to change the world.
  • The Lord totally inhabited this space and time.  He took me on a journey in each portion and I am in a completely different (better, more clarity) place because of my time with you!  Thank you!
  • Great and unique – the arts touch not only the culture, but myself as well.  Enjoyed seing the artistic skills of many.
  • I loved the testimonies of people actually walking the walk.  Never thought art was really necessary, but now I see how I can lead people away from or towards God.
  • Loved the awesome worship – loved how Michele brought up different people as part of her presentation to demonstrate hw we can use what God gives us to bless others!  Dean Kaneshiro was awesome too!
  • What a “full” conference with alot of wonderful elements of this conference…The Heaven on Earth (stations) was “awe” inspiring.  It made us think how magnificent creation can be with God’s inspiration.
  • The dance on Saturday AM was powerful.  Prophetic art sharing (painting, quilt, dance) was also touching to see God touching the recipients.
  • Especially enjoyed the pastor who recently discovered he could draw and is having success with his painted shirts.  Lesson I had reinforced is overcoming obstacles!
  • Guest speakers were excellent.  Video was awesome.

Testimonies from the Family Legacy Conference, November 2009

Hi Pastor Michele,


I just wanted to say thank you so much for listening to God to put this conference together.  I just wanted to share a little about our story.  My family has been through much throughout the years loss of family, medical issues, loss of jobs and mounting financial stress to add to a relationship starting with many suitcases of stuff like the Kumia’s said.  Well it all came to a head on September 30th we separated and to say it was a very difficult month would be an understatement.  But finally after a month and one week apart we returned home on November 10th.

We came so close to ending our marriage, but even in the midst of the turmoil a friend told us about the conference and we both agreed to go no matter what the circumstance of our relationship.  I cannot tell you how blessed we were this weekend.  My husband was deeply moved by worship, the speakers and especially the encounter he had while soaking.  We spoke about what God had for us as a family and spoke of the future with hope and excitement.  The Lord has shown me that my husband does desire to seek Him and that for me makes all the difference.  I am working on letting go of my hurt and resentment of the past and Kathleen’s testimony especially spoke to me about making a conscious effort to forgive my husband.  This conference for me started the process of me falling in love with my husband again and realizing that the Lord Jesus has a plan for all of us as a family and that I do not have to see my husband as a barrier or obstacle to overcome but a partner and co-laborer in Christ.

The other thing I found interesting was the whirlwind picture that was mentioned several times during the conference.  I wanted to share that, that particular word was a confirmation that we were in the right place at the right time for a divine appointment.  I am a part of a group that does Treasure Hunts, well during one meeting we were in preparation for going out to minister when one of my sisters has a word for me she said that she saw me in a whirlwind or swirling wind and she wasn’t sure but something was coming and that the Lord wanted to give me something she saw picture of a compass so I wasn’t sure what that meant so I just thanked her with apprehension but grateful for the obscure word.  That was on August 5th a little over a week after the word my husband loses his job and so I think here the whirlwind begins…. But other than feeling like I am in a storm and the Lord is my compass I didn’t think too much about it until the conference….Now I see that this conference was the whirlwind in her vision and being in God’s whirlwind was so awesome!!!  I knew in my spirit that the whirlwind this weekend would bring revelation, breakthrough and healing and it did just that.  Sorry this is so long but I wanted to encourage you to continue to do the Lord’s work to restore, heal and equip families for Jesus.

Blessings, C.D.

————– Hi Pastor Michele, This is the first conference that I’ve ever been to.  The conference gave me great joy and I was totally encouraged.  Each speaker spoke volumes to me. When I went home on Saturday from the conference I felt the need to ask my 2 boys for forgiveness about my harshness towards them.  I broke down and cried and I really expressed my love to them.  I even told my husband that he was wonderful. He actually held me while I cried.  My spirit was totally touched. When we were soaking I was totally at peace. We are trying this blessing at the dinner table, which they talked about.  We also share about our day at the dinner table.  We use to watch tv and eat together, but not much conversation going on.  The boys and I seem to be enjoying sharing at the table. I purchased the book “Loving your kids on purpose” and was blessed with the book “Legacy of Blessing.”  I’m excited to see a change in our family.  I’m hoping to give my testimony to let you know how God is working in our lives. Thank you for the heart you have. I think that it was well planned and thought out.  I don’t feel that you need to change a thing.  Great job!!!!   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you I’m thinking about maybe purchasing the CD/DVD.  I’d really like to purchase the music of Jay Iranon.  Please let me know if this is possible. Blessings, C.K.

—————— HI Pastor Michele,

WOW!     What a life-changing,  powerful,  awesome,  (not enough words to describe)  conference !!!!!   For such a time as this,  it was right on the mark for my husband and me.   Not only the healing, but we were set free, too !

God bless you for your obedience to plan and organize such an awesome meeting.   Each speaker, each testimony was right on the mark,  so needed for such a time as this….. every part of the conference seemed to be soaked in  prayer from beginning to end.

I know I should give you time to rest, be refreshed and renewed before reading this, so I will not not expect a replay any time soon.

My reason for emailing you is that I would like to have a copy of the conference if you are planning to make them available.  My husband couldn’t attend on Saturday and he would be so blessed to be able to hear the acceleration of the conference on Saturday !

I hope you will plan to have more conferences like this for families / parents …..I would have invited so many more people had I known how powerful it would be !

God bless you and your precious family, Love in Jesus, M.M.