From Home Improvement Session #1

Pastor Arlen would like to share his slideshow presentation from the conference. For your convinience it’s embedded below. Aloha!

From Renaissance

Renaissance was a wonderful time of being with the Father. We received new gifts and impartation. Our other gifts were sharpened and we were all challenged to use our gifts and develop all that God has given us. Be blessed by this CD set.

Renaissance CD Set (Large Plenary Sessions Only)
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Friday Night Session (Jonathan Wong & Leila Fujinaka)

Sat. Morning Session (Danielle Iranon & Faye Nickelberry)

Sat. Afternoon Session (Leila Fujinaka)

Also, Pastor Arlen’s Graphic Design Workshop was recorded and is available for Free at his website:

From His Heart Your Home

6-CD set of the Family Legacy Conference, Nov. 20-21, 2009


  • Disc 1:  Friday night, Bill and Kathleen Kumia on ‘Power of Being Real’
  • Disc 2:  Friday night, Pastor Rob Gross of the ‘Father Heart’
  • Disc 3:  Sat. morning, Jay Iranon on ‘Soaking and Intimacy with God’ and Pastor Dan Tetsutani testimony on family
  • Disc 4: Sat. morning, Pastors Aaron and Michelle Abergas on ‘Family and Passion’
  • Disc 5: Sat. afternoon, Pastor Rob Gross on ‘Legacy’
  • Disc 6: Sat. afternoon, George and Pat Iranon ‘family Legacy Talk Story Time’


Blessings to you!