Here’s a preview of Michele’s new book:

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to announce that the book, Dancing With Father, my 10 year dream, has been published in paperback, thanks to the Lord and many prayers and support!  This is somewhat like a fundraiser as all proceeds will go to two Christian Ministries that rescue, heal, and restore victims of human trafficking who are mainly young women and children.

TThe book itself is for all daughters of the Lord, especially for teen girls and women who desire to encounter the the Father heart of God deep in their heart – to experience His healing and restorative love.

I’m thinking that this may even be used as a tool to plant seeds of faith and God’s love in the hearts of teens and women who don’t know the Lord yet.  *It is also for prayer ministers and counselors who may find this a useful tool in helping teen girls and women in their healing process.  Memry Casey, a Christian therapist here in Hawaii has used this book in her practice for the past 10 years and has found it helpful – she wrote the forward of the book.

It is my hope that people will prayerfully consider this book for their gift giving needs as the holiday season approaches us before we know it!

I would greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word and this video trailer for the book as you feel led! People can purchase from amazon and I also have a personal inventory I can  sell to you from at a discounted price.  I’m currently in the process or contacting Logos bookstore about it.

For more info, please call me at 946-3700 or email me at or this email.
Bless you!
Love you!

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