Welcome to Kingdom Families Hawaii

We are committed to the strengthening and healing of families, to the raising up of spiritual mothers and fathers, and to the equipping of the younger generation to arise as powerful ministers now alongside the adults!


To accomplish this vision, we seek to equip a rising generation of parents, spiritual parents, and church leaders with practical tools and created resources to create a Kingdom culture in their home and churches that mentors and partners with the younger saints in ministry.

We provide workshops and conferences and have available an extensive Kingdom Kids Curriculum that provides lessons that can be used with children, youth, and even adults.

Kingdom Kids Workshops

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We are called to each other in a multi-generational community and to journey forward together side by side where every person is involved in serving the Lord from the younger saints, the children and youth, to adults of all ages!

We’ve learned that 70-90% of kids who grow up in the American church fall away from their faith as teens or young adults because God isn’t real or relevant to them. Yet, we’ve also learned that given the chance, kids readily engage with the supernatural grace and power of God. With our support, children and youth hear God’s voice, can speak forth encouragement to others, passionately engage in worship, show the poor compassion, heal the sick, and boldly lead others toward Jesus.