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What is the Conference Schedule?

  • Thursday, September 10: 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm HST (try to login at 6:15pm)
  • Friday, September 11: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm HST (try to login at 6:15pm)
  • Saturday, September 12:  9 am – 4 pm HST  (try to login at 8:45am)

 How do I login to join the conference?

Logging in we RECOMMEND logging in earlier than 6:30 HST, as early as 6:15 Hawaii Standard Time, to make sure everything on your end is working! There will be a pre- conference video playing.

Before then, be sure to log in and set up your profile OR you can click ‘SKIP’ if you do not want others to know about you. You will eventually need to create a password.

Step 1:  Click HERE (https://www.runtheworld.today/app/dashboard) and log in with your email and password

Step 2:  You should see the What IF? Creativity Conference on your Joined Events page. If you don't see it, click "Attendee Center" on the lower right side of your screen, and it should take you to your "Joined Events"

Step 3:   From here you may choose to CLICK the circle icon on the top right of the screen to input your profile photo and write something about yourself. That way we can better connect with you during the event OR you may click 'SKIP' if you do not want others to view information about you. 

What if I miss a session due to an emergency or time difference? Will the conference be recorded?

The conference will be recorded and will be kept on the Run the World Platform for you to view anytime until October 5! This is a benefit to you in case you miss a session(s), want to review a session, or attend more workshops! You should be able to view within 1-2 days after the conference is over.

When is the latest someone can register?

We will keep registration up through September 12! Because the conference is being recorded, a person could register even after the conference already started, and can view missed sessions after the conference.

Is there a Saturday only rate?

No Saturday only rate. Because attendees will have access to the entire conference after the conference, attendees must pay for the entire conference, which is $59.


How do I attend the workshop of my choice?

You will choose one workshop to attend from 10 Session 1 workshops offered before lunch, and you will choose one workshop to attend from 10 SESSION 2 workshops offered after lunch.


  • Workshops Session 1: 10:30 am to 12 noon Hawaii Standard Time
  • Workshops Session 2 Workshops: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Hawaii Standard Time

You simply CLICK on the workshop title of your choice to enter your chosen workshop.

How do I prepare for the workshops I attend?

Simply visit the WORKSHOP MATERIALS LIST page on this website.

Will I be able to ask questions at the workshop?

Yes – there will be a chat feature on your screen. We cannot guarantee your question will be answered, but the questions will be monitored and gathered for a Q & A time at the end of the workshop, time permitting.

Some workshop speakers may also use the ‘GRAB THE MIC’ feature, where you can grab and mic during Q & A and ask your question live.

Is there a REFUND Policy?

We will not be giving refunds. Because the conference is being recorded, an attendee can always view the conference at their convenience through October 5, 2020.

What if I have technical issues or a general question – who can I contact?

If you have technical issues during the event, you can try chatting your issue in the chat box and we will try to address.

You email us for tech questions AND general questions at :  whatifcreate@gmail.com

We cannot guarantee we will get to you but we will certainly do our very best!