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Activating Gifts of Creativity Inspired by the Holy Spirit to Glorify God and Transform the World!

August 21-22, 2020
Leeward Community Church, Pearl City
1860 Komo Mai Drive, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782
Friday Night | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Saturday | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Prices TBA
Registration opens by end of January 2020!

Who is Renaissance for?

For youth grade 8 through adults of all ages.

Who is Presenting Renaissance?

Kingdom Families and a collaboration of members from various churches who will share ideas and experiences of how the Holy Spirit inspires creativity.

Hands-On Workshops Offered:

*Tentative list subject to change

Spirit-led Singing
Visual Journaling

Book Writing
Creative Cooking/Baking
Interior Decorating
Spirit-led Instrument Playing

Values for Renaissance

The Renaissance team’s passion is to see people released in their God-given creative expression that imparts God’s love, joy, power, healing, and transformation to the world. Each person is brilliant! May each person discover their sparkle.

Appeal to All Ages

This conference is for 8th grade youth through senior citizens, so we want all generations to be able to relate to, to be inspired, and to be activated by what happens at the conference.

Encountering God

Throughout the Renaissance experience, we want to create opportunities for people to encounter God personally through the messages, through worship, and through the creative activations they will be doing in the workshops.

NO-SHAME Culture

We want to create a safe place for people to step out and try new things in the creative process. We acknowledge that there is an important place for feedback and evaluation in the development of skills after the conference. However, at Renaissance, we want to create a positive, encouraging environment for people to take steps of faith in expressing themselves creatively, perhaps for the first time.

Holy Spirit Centered

We express ourselves creatively as we partner with the Holy Spirit, the source for inspiration and anointing.

Authenticity, Richness and Depth

We value authenticity and the richness and depth that the arts and creative expressions bring to life. We want attendees to capture the richness of God’s creativity expressed through a multitude of expressions in the world.

Healing Hearts

We understand when people express themselves creatively as they partner with the Holy Spirit, people often experience healing of past pain.  People can experience a deeper level of feeling validated, treasured, and celebrated as they create.

Be Teachable

We value teachable hearts that are open and want to grow.