Endorsements from Pastors and a Principal who attended a Kingdom Kids Workshop:

Cal Chinen, Senior Pastor, Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church, Honolulu, Hawaii
“The Kingdom Kids Workshop has been the single most powerful equipping workshop for the parents and children’s ministry workers in our church. It not only gave them practical tools that anyone could do but it also empowered them to equip and empower their children to walk with the Spirit with supernatural power in a totally natural way. Most of all, it imparted to oi ur parents and workers to pass on a living and powerful love and excitement for God. The fruit is that our children have grown in their love for God and are seen and treated as fellow participating members of our body. For example, a seven-year-old in our church was led by the Spirit to draw up “The Jesus Party Plan” as a plan for a Christmas Party which focused on Jesus. His word was so powerful and from the Lord that it altered ALL of our church’s Christmas services so that Jesus was the center. Even more powerfully, it altered how many people in our church planned and carried out their family Christmas Parties so that Jesus was featured. God used a seven-year-old to directly affect hundreds of people in our church and beyond. The Kingdom Kids Workshop is worth every minute that you spend there!”

Barry Deguchi, Lead Pastor, Catalyst Christian Community, Long Beach, California
“Our experience with Kingdom Kids was amazing! Michele’s Ministry was so profoundly impactful that she sparked and stirred the faith of our entire church! Michele’s creative, innovative, and inspired approach enabled our children and youth to experience biblical truths and the Lord Himself in a very powerful way. Our adults even wanted to participate in and experience her ministry! Some words that come to mind: inspired, creative, innovative, fun, profound, ministering, touching, biblically based, eye-opening, anointed, impactful. You must experience to truly appreciate how God becomes so real and biblical truths come alive through Michele’s ministry. I highly recommend Michele to you and know you will be blessed!”

Allen Cardines, Senior Pastor, Nanaikapono Protestant Church, Nanakuli, Hawaii
“The Kingdom Kids Workshop had a very personal and powerful impact on me. I experienced the power of God’s love being poured out upon not only myself, but on other Senior Pastors, ministry leaders and parents. We were being restored, renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated and revived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I would recommend every pastor, ministry leader and parent to attend Kingdom Kids Workshops by Michele Okimura! This workshop will change the future of Hawaii by helping us to collectively work together to look at our children, speak to our children, and love our children from the heart of God.”

Rebecca Furuhashi, Principal, Christian Academy, Assembly of God
“Pastor Michele has had a pivotal impact on the students of Christian Academy. From her first chapel session with us in the spring of 2017 to teaching sessions with our staff and faculty, her creative and visually-exciting presentations have challenged us and our students to directly download from the Father Heart of God. We are now seeing children as young as five praying bold and encouraging words over other children and even their teachers! Our entire campus culture has changed.

In September 2017, I personally witnessed two students ages 5 and 10 who accurately prayed healing over a staff member who was sick even though they were not informed of her illness—but they both heard God tell them to pray for her healing! Our middle and high schoolers have become increasingly comfortable moving in the prophetic (being led of the Holy Spirit in ministry) as a direct result of Pastor Michele’s teaching. Our school will never be the same!”

Pastor Russell Higa, Senior Pastor, Streams of Life, Honolulu, Hawaii
“Imagine the Holy Spirit flowing through the children of your church to prophesy, heal the sick, and share life-changing messages. Imagine your children on fire for Jesus. Too far-fetched? It’s already happening in families and churches impacted by Michele’s training! Through Kingdom Kids, Michele will present a new paradigm and practical tools to enable your children to walk in the Holy Spirit’s anointing. You will leave the workshop amazed, equipped, and inspired to serve in ministry to Kingdom Kids.”

Jeff Yamashita, Senior Pastor, Waianae Assembly of God, Waianae, Hawaii
“Pastor Michele Okimura has dedicated herself in ministering to children and teens through her Kingdom Kids Ministry and Explicit Movement. She is a very credible and respected teacher and has brought a Holy Spirit breakthrough to the young people of our church!

Several of our teens attended a Raising Kingdom Kids Workshop for 2 days and were taught how to “soak” in the Holy Spirit, spending quality time in God’s Presence. One family with 12 children and teens (includes foster children), were especially impacted! The teens returned home filled with the Spirit and decided together with their younger brother and sisters to “soak” in their backyard. During their time with the Lord, they started to cry and declare spontaneously to the Lord, “We want more, we want more.” Minutes later, the neighborhood bully, a 7-year-old boy, happened to be walking near the children as they were crying out to the Lord. This boy was visibly hurting, as he was crying. As this boy looked over the fence and asked what was happening, the children invited him into their yard and ministered to him. The children led this boy to the Lord and great transformation took place in this boy’s life!

Through learning from Pastor Michele, the children of our church have been more ignited with passion for God! The evening before Easter 2017, while camping on the grounds of Waianae High School to setup for our Easter Son-rise Service, the young children spontaneously gathered under the large canopy tent, around the adult leader, who was playing the song “Presence, Power, Glory” on the keyboard. The children loudly sang the words over and over for quite some time. The chorus goes, “We want more of Your presence. We want more of Your power. We want more of Your glory. We want to know You.”

This sums up how the Holy Spirit has affected our young people and for this we are thankful to Pastor Michele. All glory and praise to the Lord God Almighty!”

Andrew Yasuhara, Lead Pastor, Metro Campus, Assembly of God Red Hill, Honolulu, Hawaii
“Michele Okimura has not only been an incredible friend but she has left an indelible imprint on the hearts and lives of the children and young people of First Assembly at Red Hill. There is an incredible wave of the prophetic moving in our families. I have seen the Father’s heart revealed in our Family Conference (Michele was a keynote speaker and workshop speaker) and school chapels (Michele spoke at our Christian Academy chapel on the prophetic). Michele is doing an incredible work and we are seeing heaven touch earth as we partner together!”

Charis Chinen, Children’s Pastor, Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church, Honolulul, Hawaii
“A couple of weeks after the workshop, I tried out one of the exercises with my kid’s ministry. I was unsure of how it would go, but the great thing about kids is you can just try different things! We did the Identity Mirror activity and God blew me away! The lies that God revealed to the kids were unbelievable.

One of the 5-year old boys shared that the lie he believes is that he is terrible. His older sister confirmed that he says that about himself every day. After we wiped away the lie and asked God to show them what the truth was, I asked that little boy what God showed him. He said, “God told me that He loves me!” What a perfect truth to combat that lie!

I honestly believe that the Kingdom Kids workshop should be taught to every single believer, regardless if you work with children or not! What Pastor Michele presents are spiritual tools that help people to walk out their freedom in Christ, but it’s in a way that is understandable and feels “doable” because it’s for kids.

I believe that we have withheld things from our children because we haven’t really believed that they can and do experience God in the same and maybe even greater ways than adults. When an adult gets saved, they get to experience freedom for the rest of their lives. The great thing about children is they get to experience freedom for their entire lives!”

Megan Junge, Children’s Ministry Director, Kalihi Union Church, Honolulu, Hawaii
“’Raising Kingdom Kids’ truly accomplishes its purpose to both instruct and empower children in leadership by the enabling work of the Holy Spirit. Michele’s training is intentional, powerful, interactive and intimate. Our children’s ministry at Kalihi Union has personally benefited from the workshops in avenues of prayer, worship and healing.”

Damon Gohata, Creative Ministries Director, Catalyst Christian Community, Long Beach, California
“I was introduced to Michele Okimura and Kingdom Kids Ministry a few years ago at our family retreat, where Michele ran our Children’s and Youth Ministry program. We had heard about her from friends at another church, and about how she was gifted in teaching kids about living in relationship with the Holy Spirit, which was an area that we wanted our kids to grow in. As the Family Ministry Director at our church at the time, I sat in on every session, because I wanted to see what she taught, and how we could reinforce it after the retreat. I was blown away by the experience. Michele has an amazing ability to take very complicated and abstract ideas and thoughts and making object lessons that are simple and concrete enough that children can understand, but complex enough that adults will learn something in every lesson that she teaches.

One lesson that stands out was about lies that we believe about ourselves, and how they impact how we see God. Michele had one of our kids share about some negative feelings that she had about herself, ask God what the truth is, and helped her to trade in the lie for the truth about how God sees her. It was amazing to see this young child’s transformation as she embraced the truth. Later when we shared what happened with the child’s mother, she broke down in tears because she knew how difficult that lie had been for her child. Years later it is amazing because that child is now stepping out as a leader in ways that she would not have had she continued to believe the lie about who she was. I believe that experience at the retreat changed this child forever. And that was just one of the many experiences from that weekend.

Michele definitely has a heart for children, and a passion for Jesus. If I could, I would love to be able to have her exclusively to work with our kids and train them up, but I believe that God has bigger plans in store for her. I feel like her insights and strategies should not be limited, but rather be used to train up leaders. Michele is a leader of leaders and she would be a great resource to any ministry or leadership team that wants to grow in their understanding about how to share God’s truths with their kids.”

Comments from attendees who attended a Kingdom Kids Workshop:

“EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY! Holy Spirit encountered the whole group. This workshop is very much needed in ALL the churches! Great presentation and communication. I received inner healing myself and the peace of God was received.”

“It was the BEST conference for children and youth that I have ever been to, thank you! Do this regularly!!! We need t walk with the children and the Holy Spirit on this journey of transformation. WOW!!!”

“For me, I have never experienced a conference that was presented the way Michele did it. She used so many physical examples and having us practice in actual exercises, so we experienced how it could be! I have learned so much – fire was placed on my heart and spirit! She presented each lesson in a tangible way – it made me excited to implement it in my own home and in our Sunday School classes! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”

“The workshop was inspiring, uplifting, healing and transforming! A key received was that children must be equipped to serve now as part of the Body of Christ – they are the missing ministerial arm of the Kingdom of the Father to reach the world!”

“Excellent job – Michele was awesome! I was released in freedom to walk personally as a royal princess. I gained specific concrete strategies, and paradigm shifts to work with our keiki. I appreciated the examples, experiences and modeling that were imparted.”

“Michele’s words touched our hearts, stirred our emotions, and challenged us to take action! I gained ways to encourage our children to be bold, to minister to others, to pray and to demonstrate love. I received tools we can pass onto our own children to show God’s love!”

“I received a paradigm shift for my own kids’ ministry! This parallels the shift from traditional pastor-led ministry to a church where pastors equip the people to do the ministry!”

“This workshop provided much needed resources and tools to help equip me as a children’s minister leader. We need more workshops like this and we need to invite more people!

“I love the content taught in this class and cannot wait to implement a lot of these activities. I am excited to see how our next season in youth ministry will be.”

“If I could score higher I would! Pastor Michele went above and beyond to communicate her passion for the next generation to our class. 10/10 would recommend this to everyone! Thank you, Lord, for Pastor Michele and her heart for the next generation!”

“I loved, loved, loved this workshop and I would recommend everyone, including senior pastors, to come and experience this workshop. Very effective, empowering, and encouraging! Very anointed ministry that teaches to just taea a chance and go for it!”