Plenary Sessions

Friday Night’s Message
You Were Born To CREATE!
By Pastor Michele Okimura

This message aims to take the ceiling off of our current understanding of the power of creativity and the arts – can God’s supernatural power, goodness and life move through a song or a dance, a photo or a painting, a drama or a poem, and transform and heal? You will be learning more about God’s definition of creativity and about your creative identity in Christ. The first thing God wanted us to know about him was that He creates – and we have His DNA, as we are made in his image. This will lay an important foundation as we step into this adventure of discovery this weekend!

Friday’s evening experience includes encountering God through a walking journey through creative, interactive, ‘Encounter Stations’ designed to reflect heaven. Come and experience the joy of discovery!

Saturday Messages
You Have a Voice: The Power of the Arts
By Wendy Larrow
DOE State Resource Teacher and
Past President of The Hawaii Art Education Association

Details Coming…

Counterculture: A New Paradigm for
Influence & Transformation in Society
by Dean Kaneshiro,
Hope Chapel Lifespring

The church is not the kingdom of God, the kingdom resides inside of you. So how do we build a counterculture of the heart of God and the message of the kingdom with intention and supernatural power within the great darkness of the world that surrounds us? This session will introduce a new way of looking at your life, church, society, and the creative transformational power of heaven that God is waiting to release through you.

[box type=”bio”]Dean was born and raised on Oahu, surrounded and influenced by a rich and diverse culture of the arts – music, dance, theater, drama, video production, film, and the written word. He began his acting career at the age of 8 and has appeared in various films and T.V. series, including “The Ultimate Gift”, “Crossroads Charlotte”, “The Byrds of Paradise” and “The Raven,” as well as appearing in and producing numerous television and radio commercials, industrial and web videos, documentaries, and voice-over projects while living in the Carolinas. Dean worked in video production in a ministry context for ten years before returning home to Hawaii with his New Zealand-born wife in 2010 with their greatest creative working project to date: their five beautiful children.[/box]

Loving and Reaching the World Through Your Creativity!
By Mia Burke
Pacific Rim Christian College,
Director of The Arts Department

PicIs God moving in the culture? What is He redeeming? Where do I fit into this move? After being inspired and equipped, where do we go from here? The session explores the idea of reaching the world through the arts with intentional missional mindedness and finding our place in God’s move.

[box type=”bio”]Local at heart, Mia was born in Mississippi but moved often in her childhood. The constant change of scenery prepared her for her future as a military wife as well as gave her an appreciation for cultures and a unique perspective watching God move through the arts in these different locales. Her passion to find a way to pen her observations lead her to a B.A. in English from the University of Maryland and an M.F.A. in Communications through Regent University. She’s passionate about writing, film, as well as equipping Christian artists to be original image makers, as we’re made in THE Image Maker’s image. She teaches culture and film classes at Pacific Rim Christian College and serves as the college’s Director of Creative Arts’ degree program.[/box]


(subject to slight changes)

Friday night:
6:00 PM- Registration
6:30 PM- Worship
7:15 PM- Message
8:40- 9:30 PM- Experiential stations

(subject to slight changes)
8:00 AM- Registration
8:30 AM- Worship- Drumming Special
9:00AM- Morning Messages
10:15AM- Break
10:30AM- Morning Workshops
1:00PM- Afternoon Message
2:15PM- Afternoon Workshops

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